What To expect

I understand how difficult it can be to take the first steps to getting help with your personal wellbeing and making contact with a counsellor, and I thank you for taking the time to look at Grace Counselling Services, and welcome you to the first step on your personal journey.

So what is Person Centred Therapy?

Person Centred Therapy uses techniques to encourage personal reflection to achieve four basic goals to improve your mental wellbeing. We will use the therapy to encourage you to open up to your experiences, learn to trust yourself and your decisions, giving you the ability to realise your own internal value, with the ultimate goal of reaching your full potential. We will work with you to understand your troubles, concerns and feelings from your point of view, and work together to search for the answers within you and help you continue to grow.

Our first session

Your first session will involve discussing a mutual agreement to protect confidentiality and boundaries; there will be an explanation of how Person Centred Therapy works and how it can help you.

We will discuss your hopes, expectations, or any goals you may have and where you would like the therapy to take you. Often it is not always clear to our clients what areas of their personal lives and experiences are triggering their current frame of mind but through using Person Centred Therapy we aim to help you identify the areas which are causing emotional stress or anxiety.

The remainder of the first session will be your time to begin exploring your feelings and emotions.

Continuing the journey

When your first session is complete, if you feel I am the right counsellor for you we can organise a weekly session booking. Alternatively, we can agree on a reflection period before discussing your ongoing counselling needs.


Initial 50 minute consultation session – £30.00

Subsequent 50 minute sessions – £40.00